Cook n Create party adventures!

Our parties are AWESOME - We guarantee it!!!

Here are Cook n Create we LOVE hosting birthday parties for girls and boys of all ages!!! The kiddos make their own party food - what's NOT to love??

We get messy, creative and totally immersed in the fun and every child leaves with a big smile!


What makes a Cook n Create party so amazing?

The kids absoloutely LOVE IT!!!

Jess' energy and enthusiasm is contagious and the kids THRIVE off her positivity and encouragement... and her endless energy!

Creativity and Fun are at the heart of a Cook n Create party - and EVERY child has the best experience ever!

We have a 100% 5 star reviews - speaks for itself!

What happens at a Cook n Create party ADVENTURE?

Fun, excitement, creativity and laughter!

Our very own Jess will make sure your party is as stress-free and SUPER DUPER fun for you all.

You choose the location (or we can come to your house! - We can discuss this together) This means you can enjoy the fun with your children and guests. We bring all of the kit we need (we will need access to an oven) and we set up and clean up seamlessly - No hassle, no mess, no prep required by you!

The best bit??? You save a heap of money and energy on party food because the kids make their own!


Our party packages - What does your package include?

They ALL include:

An AWESOME party host - there to run the session, create the fun, help the children, cook the products, set up, and clean up!

-ALL of the ingredients
-ALL of the equipment
-ALL of the hassle, prep and mess is dealt with

Package 1

Duration: 90 mins

Choose ONE product to cook from the suggested list below (This price is inclusive of up to 10 children. Any additional children after 10 is $35/head) $399

Package 2

Duration: up to 2.5 hours

Choose TWO products to make from the suggested list below. (This price is inclusive of up to 10 children. Any additional children after 10 is $39/head). $499

Some ideas for Packages 1 and 2

Pizza (Inc dough)

pizza party

We can also do:

Pizza Pops
Pizza faces/animals
Pizza Pin wheels

Cookie pops

party pops

We can also do:

Cake pops
Brownie bites

Cupcakes (Including icing)


We can also do:

Melt in the middle cupcakes
Themed e.g unicorns/superheros
Coloured Donut cupcakes
Rainbow/marble cupcakes

Novelty Cookies


We can do (they will use food paint and glue: Cookies using themed cutters e.g

Peppa Pig
Paw Patrol
Emojis etc

Chocolate Brownie Balls

brownie balls

We can also do:

Cookie Dough balls
Bliss Balls
Nutella balls
Peanut butter balls
Kids chocolate truffles

Savoury Muffins

savory muffins

We can do:

Veggies etc

Package 3 -Tweens and Teens

These bespoke party packages are incredible!

Duration: 2.5 hours

Cost: $399 for 6 tweens/teens (additional tickets can be purchased for $39/head)

The kiddos will make 2 AWESOME creations that are higher skilled!

Jess (your fabulous party host!) is a qualified and VASTLY experienced High School Food and Nutrition teacher!

Whilst parties for the older kiddies are tweaked and pitched appropriately you will STILL get all the enthusiasm, positivity and general liveliness that Jess ALWAYS brings with her.. in abundance!

The parties are equally appropriate for both boys and girls - There is so much fun for everyone!

Cook n Create parties are VERY versatile. If there is a theme or a product that you child wants to cook during the party -  consider it done!

Here are some of Jess' awesome suggestions for the older kids though (just to help you out!)


We can also do:

Melt in the middle cupcakes
Themed e.g unicorns/superheros
Coloured Donut cupcakes
Rainbow/marble cupcakes

  • Ice cream brownie sandwiches (They make the ice cream in a bag - it's AMAZING!!) and gooey brownie slabs
  • Arancini balls
  • Funfetti Cakes (Filled with fun!) Icing and Piping too!
  • Caramel Stuffed Nutella Cookies
  • Home made sausage rolls (Pastry making AND raw meat handling - the kids LOVE this!!)
  • Cookie Pizzas (Giant Cookies - pizza sized! Topped with lots of awesome goodies!)
  • Lava cakes - Melt in the middle .. they are as good as they sound!
  • Home made "Take aways" e.g burger and chips/pizzas (make the dough)
  • Spring Rolls/Samosas and dipping sauce
    Cheesecakes - Mini or full sized
  • Gooey Chocolate cookie shooters (A cup made from Cookie dough filled with chocolate/caramel/marshmallows/nutella... and lots more!
  • Cupcakes (With filling if you want) Making the butter icing and piping and decorating in detail
  • Fruit loop marshmallow pebble ice cream sandwich (They make the ice cream in a bag - it's AMAZING!!)
  • Savory muffins (lots of cheese involved - yummo!) with cheesy lava
  • Sushi - Sweet and/or savory!
  • Kebabs and flatbreads (they make the bread)

These are just SOME of the amazing ideas our talented Jess has! You can of course choose others that aren't on the list - Jess is ALWAYS happy to discuss options and prides herself on being super flexible!

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