Cooking Adventures in the Classroom!

Cooking with children builds endless skills. As well as refining those gross and fine motor skills,  it also encourages creativity, exploration, investigation, learning  through getting hands on, messy and playing with foods to explore their tastes and textures within the remits of their comfort zones.

We always have a HUGE focus on learning through fun, being hands on and being creative but our cross curricular links in the session are second to none! We focus on tying all sessions in with the Department of Education's Primary Curriculum for Australia to ensure all sessions are helping to deeply embed, consolidate and extend the amazing work already happening in your classroom!

Here at Cook n Create HQ Jess has combined her background in the food industry, experiences, specialist subject knowledge and skills with her teaching expertise and has created a stand alone 'Cook n Create' Curriculum.

"There is NOTHING like this out there and it's PHENOMENAL"   L. Andrews - Dept Principal

If you haven't yet met Jess, she is the PERFECT person for the Job. She is vivacious, lively, energetic and oooooh so enthusiastic and encouraging BUT she has this magic ability to read a room, support students AND scatter extra confidence over every child she talks to - which is all of them!!


Do you want to know more??

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Classroom Cooking Adventures information request form

Please whizz us your details so we can get back to you as soon as possible with all the answers and details you need!

This form comes with no obligations to book it just helps us answer all of your questions and meet your needs!

With lots of groups/sessions we may need to run these over consecutive days - this information just helps us work out what you need so we can guide you through the process.

Classroom adventure prices

What is the Cook n Create curriculum?

The Cook n Create Curriculum is a SPECTACULAR way to set your school apart!

The Cook n Create Curriculum has been built meticulously to sit alongside the Department of Education's Primary School Curriculum for Australia. It has been designed to extend learning in a fun and practical context whilst building on classroom learning experiences. There are lots of opportunities to link home and school connections too!

How does it work?

Great question!

There are some simple choices you need to make along the way, but we are here to help!

  1. The first choice you need to make is which session you would like to choose!
  2. Using the tabs below - select your year group to see more information on each session and how they link to your amazing classroom learning!

Do you have students in your class that may feel a bit wobbly about a new person visiting and taking the lesson? We will support you all the way with this one! The first step is accessing this great Cook n Create social story to read to your student/s.

3. Once you have chosen your Cooking Adventure it's time to reach out and connect with us! Complete the information request form above and we will get back to you as soon as we can! (Please note: By completing the form there is absolutely no obligation to book, the information is just used to help us guide you). Check out our pricing guide below! Also, if you keep scrolling you can get a sneaky peek at the foundations of the Cook n Create curriculum!

Classroom adventure prices

...Sneaky peek!

Here is a simple breakdown of our cross curricular content descriptors!


A sneaky peek at a sample page of our curriculum so you can see how well planned each session really is!


Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Absolutely! When you submit the form let us know the details there!

Generally we try to stick to two, especially if you are booking option 2 or 3. We take pride in the quality of our sessions and the depth of learning. We often have multiple days at a site to cover multiple classes so we can make anything work!

This one varies slightly. We generally aim for a 9.30 (ish) start time which allows your kiddos to get settled and have some contact time with you before a session starts BUT we work with individual schools to slot in around recess, lunch, other breaks etc so it varies from school to school but this is something we tailor around you.

ABSOLOUTELY! Each session is differentiated  where needs be but we have worked behind the scenes to build sessions that are accessible to all regardless of ability and confidence. Jess is VERY good at reading children and taps into the ones who need some extra help but please do let her know any additional needs and consider them catered for!

100%. We never bring nuts to a site but any other allergies or requirements are catered for as long as we know in advance

We try to be as flexible as we can with this one as we know it's a tricky one! We ask if you need to cancel or re schedule you do this as soon as you can so we can give other schools an opportunity to use your slot. If pupils are absent on the day we will need to charge a $10 surcharge to cover ingredient costs.

Great question and we try to keep it as streamlined as possible whilst tailoring the program to your needs. 

1. Submit your interest form (this is a no obligation booking form)

2. We will get back to you as soon as possible to run through your requirements and how the sessions work and answer all questions. Times and dates will be discussed here.

3. Once a time and date is agreed you book in with Jess and consider it done!

4. Nearer the time we will contact you to finalize any last details or update any changes

5. On the day of the session we bring everything we need (all we need from you is a space, tables and an oven nearby if you are choosing a baked option)

6. After the session we will send through an invoice for payment


That's okay! If you have a small class we have 3 mobile ovens OR we have plenty of non bake options we can offer so you won't miss out on the Cook n Create magic! 🙂

If you had something more specific in mind e.g a celebration, topic or theme we can ABSOLOUTELY build a tailored package for you!

Our Funky Food Science adventures are pretty awesome too if we say so ourselves!


As if learning new skills wasn't enough, the kiddies gain SO much from a Cook n Create Adventure!

From patch to plate

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Got a veggie patch you would love to utilize? No problem!

Here at Cook n Create we LOVE to watch children take ownership of their learning, help them make connections between nature and food and support their decision making!

We can cook with some of the fresh veggies in the garden or simply use it as a learning point to gain an understanding of where fresh foods come from, how to prepare  and cook with them, nature, sustainability and the journey from farm to fork - we've got it covered.. and then some! We take these learning connections VERY seriously!

Children learn skills

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Cooking with children builds endless skills. As well as refining those gross and fine motor skills,  it also encourages creativity, exploration, investigation, learning  through getting hands on, messy and playing with foods to explore their tastes and textures within the remits of their comfort zones.

There are endless opportunities to extend activities into numeracy tasks through weighing, measuring, dividing, portioning and enhance their literacy and oracy skills through reading recipes, talking through ideas, discussing  their creations etc!


Children have fun


The children LOVE Cook n Create!

Of course we would say this BUT it's honestly true and to witness a session come to life is truly magical!

For us making cooking FUN, interactive, creative, empowering and engaging is KEY and the learning is slipped in along the way!

The opportunities to learn THROUGH fun are endless and we make sure of it - ever the teacher Jess NEVER misses a learning opportunity!

Each and every session is exciting, creative, hands on and educating!

Children are engaged

Children are independent

Making healthy choices


Because the children truly LOVE what they are doing and thrive on taking ownership of their creations - the concentration and engagement with the tasks is nothing short of amazing!

"I am blown away by their engagement EVERY SINGLE time I run a session! These little people are awesome!" Jess - Founder of Cook n Create


As our name suggests 'Cook n Create' is also about being creative, exploring ideas, reasoning, being original and inventive! This comes in many shapes and forms including group work, paired tasks and independent tasks and thinking.

Jess is a Design Technology teacher - Creativity is a part of her DNA!


We talk a LOT about what healthy foods are, how they help keep our bodies healthy and we teach children the lifelong skill of HOW to make these healthy choices and integrate them easily into their daily lives!

There is always a focus on sometimes and always foods and WHY this is important. This is a great opportunity to link home school learning and get the kiddos involved and taking ownership of their choices.


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