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Learning through fun... so much fun!

"Cook n Create After school cooking club is AMAZING! I can't imagine a time when we won't be involved!" G.E Mumma of 2

This is an absolutely PHENOMENAL way for your kiddo/Teenager to make new friends, get creative, have fun AND build skills to last a lifetime!

Cook n Create focuses on LEARNING THROUGH FUN to engage the kiddos and to spark a lifelong love and passion for cooking and food!

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How after school club is structured


Jess has developed a series of sessions that cover a range of skills over a block of weeks. Each week your child will apply and build skills from the week before. The block of weeks will equip your child with building blocks of knowledge and ingrained skills that last a lifetime. The final session is always a bonus session where the kiddies get to make an amazing treat!

Your children will learn SO MUCH from Jess. SOME of these skills include:

Baking, whisking, creaming, aerating, beating, folding, raw meat handling, health and safety, knife skills, slicing, dicing, peeling, weighing, glazing, rubbing in, sauce blending, mixing, frying, the roles of functional foods, caramelization, kneading, melting etc

Who is after school club for?

Jess suggests that the classes are suitable for 6 yrs + (including 6). Jess tailors all the sessions around your children and their abilities and ENSURES the younger ones get the support they need. If you want to discuss this further please feel free to email us.

If you feel your child may need your support you are absolutely welcome and invited to stick around!

These sessions are suitable for children AND teens - like we say, Jess is a teacher so extends activities up and down to make sure all participants and learning and extended at all times!

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Meeting your host Jess (SHE IS Fab!)


Cook n Create founder Jess is a qualified and VASTLY experienced Food Technology/Food and Nutrition teacher!

Jess has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Food, Nutrition and consumer sciences and the best way to describe Jess is 'Enthusiastic, engaging, fun, positive and excitable'

The core of each session will be skill building, creativity and fun. Jess is VERY passionate about teaching children about health, nutrition and food groups (always pitched at your child's understanding level) and your child will build lifelong knowledge through having fun. This knowledge will help them make healthy choices and understand HOW to do so!

Your child will also develop and learn other skills

Gross + Fine motor skills

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When learning cooking skills we also build, develop and refine - gross motor skills. These include hand eye coordination, manual dexterity and safe handling of foods. Your child will also learn and enhance their fine motor skills through whisking, measuring, pouring, sifting, rolling, cutting etc.

Social Skills

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Cooking classes build social skills. Children will be encouraged to work alone, in pairs, in groups and will be encouraged to be creative and share their ideas around and bounce ideas around the 'class'.

Your child will learn about responsibility within group work, cooperation, and sharing. Cook n Create sessions are a safe and fun place to build confidence and self esteem in themselves, in a group environment and in the kitchen!

Ever the high school teacher, Jess will always end a session with a fun plenary which consolidate learning in a fun way. It gives time for reflection of learning and helps to build a clear platform for further learning. CLICK HERE to see an example of Jess in action.

Extending learning 

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Numeracy, literacy and oracy are built during Cook n Create sessions. There are learning opportunities at every turn and Jess never misses them! Your child will learn to apply counting, fractions, division, sequencing, and problem solving. They will learn to follow clear instructions, to synchronize tasks, add their individual creativity during the session and increase their vocabulary. They will do this whilst having FUN... We can't stress this enough!

Your child will also learn about chemistry and science in foods and how foods react and change and the importance of functional foods.

They will learn Geography through discussions around where foods come from, how they grow, They will learn cultural preferences and diets of people from around the world.

Stepping out of their comfort zone and encouraging involvement

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Sensory activities facilitate exploration and builds your child’s/teens creativity and imagination. It naturally encourages children to use scientific process while they play, create, investigate, and explore their surroundings. If children are allowed to explore textures and sensations outside of their comfort zones and at their own pace it develops a trust and understanding of their senses and helps to build positive pathways into the brain which let them know that it is safe to engage with this food. Over time, if children are allowed to engage in different activities with a range of different textures/feels they will build a foundation of knowledge that will last a lifetime!

Children and Teenagers feel at ease around Jess and LOVE to Cook n Create with friends!

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Jess is SO comfortable and at ease with children (she is a big kid herself) and has such a natural way with them that she instantly eases any anxieties and concerns they may have.

She is SO in tune with her classes (she keeps them to 16 or below to ensure this) that she can offer a little support and encouragement before the child even has time to get anxious. She is a natural.

Jess makes sure kiddies feel that they are in a safe and supportive environment and are comfortable and encouraged to ask for help, guidance and support.

Your child's skills are recognised and nurtured and your child will thrive and build confidence!

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As many of you know Jess is a qualified and vastly experienced teacher. She has an amazing ability to recognise and nurture talent and skills without pressurising the child! She teases out their strengths and builds up their weakness'. Children leave Cook n Create sessions feeling empowered.

As many of you know Jess is a qualified and vastly experienced teacher. She has an amazing ability to recognise and nurture talent and skills without pressurising the child! She teases out their strengths and builds up their weakness'. Children leave Cook n Create sessions feeling empowered.

Increase awareness

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'From patch to plate with Cook n Create' is an AMAZING way of building children's awareness of the foods they eat and where they come from.

Jess is SO interactive with the kiddies and will ALWAYS take time to explain and increase awareness.

Want to learn more about how Jess structures her educational program?

Celebrate children and teens

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...and THIS one hits the core of Cook n Create.

Jess works SO HARD to ensure that all kiddies that attend her sessions have the BEST time, laugh, explore, create and thrive. Celebrating the joy that is childhood is SO important and when the kids are having THAT much fun.. the parents are ALWAYS smiling in the background! It's beautiful!

What you need to know

These sessions will be FUN FUN FUN (did we mention that?)

After School Club can vary term to term. It is sometimes school based, council based or in the community. Want to know more?

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