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My guess is, if you have found this page you have someone in your life you want to help support and encourage on their food journey! Many Psychologists and therapists suggest gentle food exposure therapy - and it is what it says on the tin! Lots and lots of children have varying levels of anxiety surrounding food for lots of different reasons and you know what? I can help!

Now.. whilst I am absolutely no psychologist I have SO SO many children that access Cook n Create programs for various degrees of therapy. They always, ALWAYS take huge steps forward!! Some have taken the medical route, some have decided to 'give it a go' alone and some... are a bit of both but none have regretted giving it a go!

Having seen the immense impact Cook n Create sessions has on kiddies - it felt so very natural to follow this beautiful path and support as many families as possible.

You will notice we don't refer to the sessions labelled as 'Therapy' . Although that's what they are - we want to strip the pressure away, peel it back and as far as your loved one knows they are just cooking and having fun with Jess, BUT please trust that there are huge banks of knowledge and experience and structure that goes on behind the scenes.


How do these sessions work?

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Hi, I'm Jess. It's really important that you get to know me and get a good feeling about me because I am the one you will be trusting with your most precious little person/people. I do NOT underestimate the value of the trust and a connection with your kiddo.

I grew up submerged in the food industry and I have a first class Honors Degree (Bachelor of Science) in 'Food, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences'. I also have a Post Grad Certificate of Education.  I have worked for many years as a classroom teacher and with kiddies of all abilities and needs.  I am from Wales, U.K and ADORE Adelaide, which is now home for me and my young family!

These sessions are built on trust, rapport, and connection. I nurture and encourage your child throughout. I will always show grace and kindness. But I will NEVER apply pressure or cause stress!

From a child who is 'fussy' to those with more extreme sensory eating disorders and every emotion in between - I want to help.

How it works ..exactly!

This is a totally tailored program. I build the session 100% around the individual needs of your child. There will be no stress or pressure - just fun.  Prior to a session we will organise a phone consult where we can go through your child's needs and desired outcomes for the session/s etc. It's also important to me if your child loves spiderman or Elsa or if they love to play basketball or do gymnastics etc. Your childs WHOLE character is important for these confidence sessions. Their anxiety or fear is a part of them but it by no means defines then.  This approach is a magical experience!

I will always arrive at your home ahead of the scheduled time. This allows me set up time but also time to chat with your child, to play, to get on the trampoline or whatever it is that they love and want to share with me. I always come to your home so your child is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. I bring everything needed for the session. This ensures it is stress free for you as the adult. I usually encourage the adults to stay around/in sight but to take a step back and let me work my magic!.. pretend to do the washing up! 🙂

The 1 hour session is $150 for 1:1 .  You can always add siblings into the experience too for a small fee! You can absolutely use NDIS funding - no problem!

Before booking please call Jess on 0416028987 or email jessica@cookncreate.com.au to check availability.

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