Do you want to set your OSHC apart and give the children an incredibly fun, creative and exciting Incursion? Do you want the children to be entertained, engaged and full of joy? Do you want someone to arrive, bring the BIG fun and then take all the mess and chaos with them? If you are nodding along then keep reading....

pizza party

"We get Jess back EVERY holidays! The kids rave about their cooking adventures all the time and our Cook n Create days are ALWAYS fully booked! Jess ensures every time she comes that it's new, exciting and the children get to make something different"

L.K Oshc Director

What is an OSHC Cooking adventure?

How does it work?

Great Question!

So... we bring the cooking adventure fun to YOUR OSHC. No need to travel, organise buses, juggle staff and fill in heaps of excursion forms!

We bring EVERYTHING we need with us down to the very last teaspoon!

We run the session/s and then we take the chaos and washing up with us!

Each child makes their very own creation to gobble up!

Cook and Create Testimonials 37

Okay... I'm keen! Now what?!

Brilliant! Now... there are a couple of EASY decisions you need to make!

  1. The first one is which adventure you want to choose (what the kiddos cook!) Take a look here...

2. Now you have a good idea of what you would like to cook - double check your choice against our session breakdown sheet (this should also answer lots of your questions too!)

3. It's time to connect with us! Completing this form comes with no obligation to book it just gives us enough details to guide you the best we can!


We know this varies but it helps us guide you with session management

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