Meet Jess – Founder of Cook n Create!

This should literally be THE easiest thing I've ever written shouldn't it but it's soo hard to do a "meet me" without sounding all gross and cheesy and I really don't want that, so.. stick with me and I am just going to launch in! (I'll chuck in some jokes to make it a fun read - Disclaimer though, my mum jokes are worse than the average dad joke #justsayin)

P.S Just so we are all on the same page.. I know my hair is insane.

I quote my husband "You sure that's the photo you want to use?" YES. Because when you meet me.. my hair will probably be more insane so I am easing you in!!!

The formalities

So, hi my name is Jessica (but I'm more of a Jess!). I am a qualified and vastly experienced Food and Nutrition/Home Economics teacher. I have a first class Honors Degree (Bachelor of Science) in 'Food, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences'. I also have a Post Grad Certificate of Education.  I am from Wales, U.K and ADORE Adelaide, which is now home for me and my young family! My kiddies are 3 and 5 (almost!.. Yes I know... also insane..I'm tired!!).

It's important for me to be really honest when I create my posts, suggest recipes etc - parent life is full on enough without having to live up to fake realities!! I am a mum, I am soooo in the thick of it, I am exhausted and I am doing my best to start a business - I get it!!

So what is Cook n Create?? Good question!!!

I LOVE working with kids! As in, there is NOTHING else in life I will ever be able to do. I love helping them to have fun, learn, build confidence, communicate, be creative and helping them ignite sparks of passion whilst watching their cognitive development progress.  I see this as a real privilege. I am probably THE most enthusiastic teacher around (In reality I know I'm THE most enthusiastic but I best put the word 'probably' in there.. you know.. to be fair to everyone else! JOKE.. See.. I told you my jokes were lame!) So.. why did I leave the classroom?

Long story but it goes something like this... Had a job I LOVED, Got married, got pregnant, had my son, decided to emigrate, left my job (it was literally a grief process I am still working through!!!), emigrated to Australia, had my daughter, got all my teacher reg transferred ready to teach in Adelaide, panicked that I couldn't juggle everything, came up with an idea of setting up my OWN cooking school, stumbled on the BEST IDEA EVER - Cook n Create was born! I got to cherry pick ALL my favourite bits of my job as a Food Technology teacher and mould it into the PERFECT career. Now.. I do know there are certain things like finances and tax returns to do, those are not my thing. LUCKILY though.. I am married to a management accountant! WAHOOOOOO! So.. I will offload all of those bits onto him discreetly! Shhhh don't tell him my masterplan!

Seriously though, I love teaching! I LOVE working with kids, I LOVE nurturing their skills, being creative and being a part of their development AND I love to cook with kids, I love to bring joy through learning kitchen skills, baking, mixing, generally making a mess and having a blast whilst learning and being inventive! It's just the best! Working with children and teaching them to cook, to be creative, to express their individuality and to explore ideas, to enjoy food and to have fun with ingredients is my passion!

Cook n Create is a totally mobile cooking school. We have ALL the kit to run our sessions and set up our classrooms. There are LOTS of different stands but we TRY to keep it simple, We have our own private ticketed events which are designed and run by myself. You can buy these tickets via our Facebook (cookncreateadelaide) which will direct you to our store or you can head straight to the store and buy tickets that way. We also run events in kindy's, OSHC's, daycares, schools, community events, at malls, in aged cares, special needs groups (I have a lot of experience with this!). We host birthday parties, private events, team building events etc.. the list goes on and on and on but basically we have EVERYTHING we need and can tailor the package around your individual specifications - just reach out to me and I can help! 🙂

My background... it isn't the average one!

So, I grew up on a Chocolate farm. Yep! And no.. that isn't just a Welsh thing! My dad was a high flying journalist and TV director and my mum was a set designer in the theatre in London and then an events coordinator for a TV company. Yes, I agree the ending to this one is NOT an obvious one!! My dad was an entrepreneur through and through, as in.. a little bit eccentric and had visions beyond what most of us would consider the norm! So one day they decided to uproot, leave their careers and start a whole new and exciting venture (Yes I see history repeating itself too!). My dad was the genius and mastermind and my mum trained to be an amazing chocolatier in Belgium and the business took off! And I mean, it was a real Willy Wonka dream! The business was a tourism venture so HUNDREDS of people would come for demonstrations, and to have a day of chocolate filled fun! As a family we did TV shows, trade shows and we were a huge part of the Foodie scene in Wales. I have always been submerged in this world and I LOVE IT!!!

Food Technology was always my favourite subject (by far!!) in school and so I chose to persue this at university. Not only did I complete my degree in 'Food, Nutrition and Consumer sciences' I have worked with celebrity chefs, won many accolades of my own for product development and I have also completed many years of Chocolatier training working with some AMAZING experts and Food scientists along the way. Oh and I then trained to be a high school teacher and taught for many years. Honestly, that is a summary too! I guess it's important for people to know what they get when they come to a Cook n Create session, it really is more than just a random lady making cookies with your kids! All Cook n Create workshops have been designed to ensure that EVERY child can access the learning and can thrive with Cook n Create and walk away having had the BEST time!

So hopefully now you know a little more about me and can put a face (and a funky hairdoo!) to a name you understand a little more about how Cook n Create was born and the passion and drive behind it, we would LOVE to see you at some of our sessions.

Right now I am focusing and refining and polishing - making sure every session is to the highest standard. In time, I have some BIG plans! For someone who grew up vowing "I will NEVER run my own business!!!" .... I was wrong, I LOVE IT!!!!!

Hope to see you all soon at a Cook n Create session near you!

Jess xxx

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