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Hi all, Jess here! I am SO excited to share with you all the joy of Cook n Create adventures!

"Cooking classes for kids" that's how Cook n Create is often described.. and while, yes ABSOLUTELY it is that.. it's also more, a LOT MORE. So much more. The word 'Class' just isn't enough for me, it isn't quite the right fit. Now don't get me wrong I LOOOOOVED being a classroom teacher (with all my heart and soul!) but Cook n Create isn't simply a class.. it's too formal, too regimented.. too boxed and it doesn't fit what Cook n Create is.

For a long time, I kept coming back to the word Adventure, and the more I pondered the word the more it described Cook n Create. Everything about Cook n Create.

Yes, the outcome is fabulous and the kiddies and families love to devour their delicious goodies but the true joy.. the deep and meaningful, heart exploding joy.. it comes from the journey to get there, the ADVENTURE.

Kids need to be kids. They need to explore, be creative, be encouraged, be excited and to have fun. They learn through fun, through being hands on, through ADVENTURE.

I often get asked if I will expand the business and employ people. That isn't my driving force, my driving force is to celebrate the brilliance of your children, to nurture their creativity to sprinkle happiness, energy, passion and positivity all over them! To encourage them to celebrate their originality and .. to really, REALLY enjoy the ADVENTURE.

So, you will always see me describing Cook n Create sessions as ADVENTURES, and this is why!

Jess xxx

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Cook n Create is totally mobile, which means we can spread the joy all over Adelaide!!

The heart and soul of Cook n Create is Jess who, if you've met her you will already know she is extraordinary and FULL of life and enthusiasm! If you haven't yet read her bio - you need to read her Blog

Whether booking a Birthday Party, Incursion or attending After School club or a Cook n Create event there will ALWAYS be - No mess, No hassle, No prep required by you! We can host the session ANYWHERE or we can come to you and host it in your facilities!

We aim to be extremely flexible and versatile and fit your criteria for a session! We easily adapt to your specifications/desired outcomes/curriculum etc.

We focus on skills.. AND FUN!

Building confidence, self esteem and creativity is SO important to us. As our name suggests we love to COOK and CREATE!

We ALWAYS focus on building skills - through the medium of fun!! Kiddies will learn how to whisk, sieve, crack eggs, chopping skills (using the claw and bridge) and learning how to handle knives and essential kitchen tools safely. They will learn about raw meat handling, about functional foods, piping, aerating, coagulation (I could go on and on but just trust us - Jess NEVER misses a learning opportunity!!)

"Jess empowers children. It's absolutely breathtaking to watch! She gives them the confidence and tools (quite literally) to create delicious masterpieces they are proud of and are excited by! Jess has an energy that vibrates around the room and the children's response to Jess? I've never seen anything like it!"

E. J - Events Coordinator

about cook and create

Jess makes EVERY element of a session SO MUCH FUN - as a result the kiddies learning is so positive and engaging and happens via osmosis!

Every session is a positive, engaging and empowering one!

We have a large focus on health and safety and hygiene. We teach the essential skills of handling and using kitchen equipment. We tap into developing a LOT of cognitive skills and thinking - logic, applying theory in practice and we cover analytical, critical and creative thinking skills in each and every session.

We also cover LOTS of numeracy, science, literacy, comprehension, oracy (as you can probably tell - we LOOOVE to talk here at Cook n Create!).

"I am so incredibly proud of what you are achieving Jess. You were BORN to do it"

E.S Teacher of Food and Nutrition (Jess used to work with her in Wales!!)

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