Cook n Create recipes

Did you know that our very own Jess develops all her own recipes? Cook n Create recipes are created with your child in mind. Jess focuses on an amazing outcome whilst also building skills, making processes simple to break down AND recipes are all written to support and encourage your child to be as independent as possible!

We LOOOOVE nothing more than receiving photos and messages of the children cooking and having fun! Please always post, tag, share... you know the drill!

excellent enchiladas
FRUITY curry
spring rolls
Cook n Create sushi
Easy peasy apple muffins
zesty muffins
yummy scrummy apple crumble
upside down cake
Bliss Balls recipe
Bub n Bake fruit tarts
Christmas pudding truffles
Arancini Balls
banoffee pie
Berry nice granola bars
Rainbow Fritters
pesky pirate pizza
Olaf oat bites
Gruffalo fruit crumble
Ice cream in a bag!
Funky Fizzy Sherbert
COOK N CREATE meringue nests
Marvellous meatballs
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